Samsung's 50-inch PDP brings wireless HD

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Thomas Ricker
August 16th, 2006
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Samsung's 50-inch PDP brings wireless HD

We all know that Sony's been doing their LocationFree wireless TV gig for years, right? Still, that little fact won't stop Samsung from stretching for yet another world's first by introducing the SPD-50P7HDT which they call the "world's first large-size HD-compatible wireless PDP TV." Yeah, whutevs Sammy, if it makes you feel better then go ahead, call it. The new 50-inch Plasma Display Panel supports an unspecified high-def resolution and touts the inclusion of a wireless AV center to float the TV upon your wall (nearly) cable-free. Apparently, the AV center is the mystery box on the shelf below the PDP in the picture above which will magically bundle the various signals from your tethered devices such as DVD, set-top box, etc. and then feed 'em up to the TV over 802.11a WiFi. Yeah, 802.11a -- at least that's what's being reported in the digital rags. However, we'd love to see Samsung slip in a little UWB which we've already seen them playing around with as a more appropriate short-haul cable replacement. Maybe the official specs will hold a surprise once released... hey, we can dream can't we? Suggested retail is about 4,800,000 South Korean Wan or about $5,000 of the green stuff if it this kit ever ships Stateside.

[Via Akihabara News]
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