Scraping the bottom of the endless Apple rumor barrel

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Scraping the bottom of the endless Apple rumor barrel
So, things weren't quite as exciting as some people were hoping for at last week's WWDC keynote. No iPhone, no Core 2 Duo MacBooks, not even that surefire rumor of a ninja cyborg Stevie J. clone came through for us, yet somehow we keep on keeping on. Well, the rumor machine is clunking back into gear after those staggering defeats, and we've got the scoop on the juiciest stuff out there. First off, AppleInsider is reporting that some supa' secret shipments are about to make their way via air-freight from the Far East to the United States around the 5th of September. AI is thinking Core 2 Duo MacBook Pros are most likely, but we've got our fingers crossed for a refresh to Apple's iPod Socks (pictured, though sadly not actually on the rumor radar). Next, the AI folks mention that the iPod nano is set for end-of-life on September 16th, the date which also marks the end of Apple's iPod nano back-to-school giveaway. The final rumor, this one from DigiTimes, is also in regards to those pesky iPods, and simply states that Apple is launching a wireless iPod "soon." This word is from "market sources," who also mention that Apple is shipping out some marketing types to major markets in Asia to teach sales staff how to sell the rumored iPod. In summary, it looks like September could be a good month for Apple types, or could just mark another set of defeats for the rumor crowd -- only time will tell.

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