Aigo's F209 MP3 / video playing wristwatch

In case you don't already own one of the bajillion DAPs on the market, or if your cellphone doesn't sport some sort of musical playback function, Aigo figures it could interest you in wrapping those capabilities around your wrist. Clearly another example of consolidation in action, this watch / DAP / movie viewer is yet another Chinese all-in-one-style gadget that probably doesn't perform exceptionally well at any of its claimed tasks. Although the F209 sports a relatively unfashionable black plastic band, and a color scheme on the faceplate reminiscent of the early 90s, it manages to include a very respectable 160 x 128 resolution OLED display for viewing MPEG-4, XviD, and AVI movie clips. When not watching a flick or determining just how late you're running for that ever-important meeting, there's always the built-in MP3 / WMA / WMA-DRM player to pass the time (ahem). Two models will reportedly be available, with the only difference being the internal storage space (512MB or 1GB), and both will rock a headphone jack, playback controls, and a mini-USB port for PC-to-watch transfers. While the design of this timepiece isn't likely to attract any new friends, it appears to be a fairly decent way to carry a few tunes / video clips without adding even more weight to your knapsack -- but with prices ranging from 799 CNY ($100) for the 512MB model to 1,099 CNY ($125) for the 1GB version, this less-than-stylish wristwatch conglomerate may not be worth your time (nor money).

[Via DAPreview]