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Mad Catz goes retro with Xbox Live Arcade Stick [update 2]

Ludwig Kietzmann
Ludwig Kietzmann|August 17, 2006 3:05 PM
Peripheral manufacturer capitalizing on gaping market hole news now, as an EB Games listing reveals a Mad Catz product that's sure to raise more thumbs than eyebrows: a retro arcade stick for the Xbox 360. The sole available image reveals the face buttons, guide button and right analog stick to have been retained in the design, though the fate of the triggers is somewhat less clear. It's likely safe to assume that they're cowering somewhere behind the mighty joystick.

Another safe assumption one can make is that the Arcade Stick will make a far more adequate (and authentic) tool for guiding our pellet-munching Pac-men through mazes and our amphibious allies across deadly divides. Then again, strapping a rabid badger to you lap and randomly shoving your fingers into its mouth is already a few steps up from playing XBLA games with the 360 controller's squeaky directional pad. The current retail listing has the Mad Catz stick releasing on the first day of October for an anti-retro, better-be-wireless $69.99 $49.99. We've contacted Mad Catz for further details (and a larger picture!).

[Thanks Master X 24.]

[Update: We suspected EB Games might yank the page, so we made sure to save a copy. The post now links to a screenshot of the original page.]

[Update: It's been indicated that the price is actually $49.99 and that several Live Arcade titles will be included the stick. More details here.]