Ron Patrick's jet-powered Honda scooter

It seems that we humans have a strange fascination with strapping immensely powerful jet engines onto objects that were clearly never made for such propulsion, but that doesn't stop the engineering (and a bit off kilter) minds of the world from giving it a go anyway. We've seen jet-powered wheelchairs and even supermarket carts, but the current king of overkill in regards to horsepower is none other than Ron Patrick -- his rocket-infused Volkswagen Beetle, though deemed "completely street legal" by Ron, sports an extra 1,350 horses thanks to the massive blaster he attached to his ride. Obviously this little endeavor went over so well that he figured strapping dual JFS 100 jet engines onto his wife's Honda Metropolitan scooter would solve her complaints of it "only going 40 miles per hour." Since Ron estimates that one engine alone could get her ride over 60 mph, it's fairly safe to say she should be outrunning commuters (and police, or anybody else for that matter) in no time. Patrick's biggest challenge is compensating for the weight of the actual engines, because at 50 pounds apiece, they put a serious strain on the suspension. He plans to install an "air-start" that utilizes a "carbon fiber tank of compressed air" in order to remove the batteries currently on the vehicle. Regardless of Ron's sanity (or lack thereof), we can't argue with his determination, and if you happen to see a scooter in California with a curious looking device on each side (click through to see what we mean), don't even think of revving your puny engine at Mrs. Patrick.

[Via OhGizmo]