Japanese hardware sales, 7 August - 13 August: fake comments edition

Ludwig Kietzmann
L. Kietzmann|08.19.06

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Japanese hardware sales, 7 August - 13 August: fake comments edition
The ranking, according to number of units sold:

- DS Lite: 196,719 33,147 (20.26%)
- PSP: 41,289 8,063 (16.34%)
- PS2: 26,547 560 (2.15%)
- GBA SP: 3,051 267 (9.59%)
- Game Boy Micro: 2,031 103 (5.34%)
- Xbox 360: 1,204 185 (13.32%)
- Gamecube: 940 36 (3.98%)
- DS Phat: 934 225 (19.41%)
- GBA: 23 11 (32.35%)
- Xbox: 6 8 (57.14%)

[Source: Media Create]

1. first post!!! lol

Posted at 10:01PM on Aug 18th 2006 by tention0 STARS

2. I see the DS Lite had a pretty notable increase this week, whereas the DS Phat continues its downward spiral. The PSP also took a bit of a dive. I wonder why?

Posted at 10:03PM on Aug 18th 2006 by fun_read3 STARS

3. Joystiq I don't live in JAPAN! Why do you keep posting these numbers?! Why don't you post American sales, please?

Posted at 10:06PM on Aug 18th 2006 by grogme0 STARS

4. Grogme, the Japanese sales numbers are tracked much more meticulously than the American ones. These charts become available each week, whereas the NPD only published data once a month. Joystiq usually posts NPD information whenever it becomes available.

Posted at 10:11PM on Aug 18th 2006 by heap o' beers8741 STARS

5. Wow. <_< People still buy the Xbox?

Posted at 10:12PM on Aug 18th 2006 by sixpoundsplusgravity1 STAR

6. Gawd, Joystiq is so biased. They put the DS Lite at the top of the list EVERY TIME.

Posted at 10:14PM on Aug 18th 2006 by wiicked0 STARS

7. Ludwig, I know you like to make your posts "wacky" and "sarcastic" or whatever, but this is *ridiculous*. I'm afraid we're gonna have to let you go.

Posted at 10:15PM on Aug 18th 2006 by C. Grant0 STARS
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