Star Wars: Lethal Alliance Q&A

Nikki Inderlied
N. Inderlied|08.19.06

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Star Wars: Lethal Alliance Q&A

Gamespot sat down with Star Wars: Lethal Alliance's lead producer, Bertrand Helias, to grill him about the newest Star Wars game.

Okay first off, we read this...

GS: Star Wars characters in video games have a way of "discovering" latent Force powers. Can we expect Rianna to bust out a lightsaber or Force lightning at some point?

BH: No, this game won't have any lightsabers...

... and thought "what?! No lightsabers? No way! It can't be done." Patience though...

BH: ...Our Twi'lek is not a Jedi and the Force won't be with her. She is a mercenary; therefore she acts more like Han Solo than Luke Skywalker.

Okay that's acceptable, right? While it is a little disappointing, Han Solo-like qualities are appealing.

Other than the whole no lightsabers for you, young padawan ordeal, Helias did talk a little about how the two versions of the game will vary. Both DS and PSP will feature multiplayer but in the DS version you can only play Droid vs. Droid while those Sony freaks get to play as Twi'lek vs. Twi'lek.

Other things that were brought up in the interview included the introduction of both old and new environments, familiar faces that will be seen and how the young mercenary fights alongside her droid to complete missions.

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