Thanko's USBHCU01 USB-powered seat cooler

Here at Engadget HQ, things can get kind of stuffy when locked down to a computer chair all day, and apparently Thanko has figured out what folks like us really need to beat the heat (and the subsequent odor). Although we're just kidding on that last part, what's not to love about a reportedly slim and comfortable seat cushion that not only gives you a bit more padding underneath, but funnels cool air right where it's needed the most? Joining a bajillion other excuses to fill up every not-yet-utilized USB port on your machine, the USBHCU01 receives its juice from any 'ole powered USB port, and with a convenient off / on switch, you can easily quiet the wind tunnel surrounding you whenever your boss or office sweetheart happens to drop by. As expected, the device works by sucking air through an overhanging fan and channeling the breeze through "countless holes" on which you sit. While we can't verify how powerful the airflow from this bad boy is, we'll toss out fair warning to ladies (and gents) with long, flowing locks that may find the potentially hair-raising experience a bit too much to handle. So if you can't convince management to cut costs on things other than air conditioning expenses, or you just want one more USB toy to fool around with, you can get your relief now for ¥4,800 ($41).

[Via Far East Gizmos]