Onkyo MP-1000J portable multimedia player

If you're a proud portable media player owner, or you've got some fancy schmancy streaming media setup in your living room, the Onkyo MP-1000J might not do a whole lot for you, but if you're searching for a simple way to get content from PC to TV, you may want to listen up. The MP-1000J is a sweet new middleman, designed to store your fav shows, clips, etc. on its 2.5-inch hard drive (which you're responsible for providing), and then play them back (presumably hassle-free) on your living room set, in-car LCD, or dusty hotel television. The trick here is the self-contained GUI that shows up on your monitor, allowing you to select the file you want to see; it's akin to having a (very) "light" version of Windows Media Center Edition running the show within the relatively small device. With native support for DivX, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, AVI, VOB, XviD, MP3, WMA, OGG, and a few more, this thing will play back just about any file you toss at it. The unit gets a plethora of extras, including a USB cable, AC adapter, 12v car adapter, a trio of display connectors (including support for 1080i over component and Dolby / DTS passthrough), and a svelte remote control to manage the action from afar. While we can't adumbrate just how much this little hard drive / screenless PMP hybrid will cost, the MP-1000J will add yet another alternative to getting PC content to the TV (sans any confusion) when it drops on September 1st.

[Via Impress]