Verizon to offer "Home Media DVR" to FiOS customers

If you're tired of waiting for DirecTV's continually-delayed HD DVR, or just one of the lucky few who actually have access to FiOS service (and want to extract every ounce of greatness from it), Verizon is looking to hook you up. Available only to those in its (slowly) expanding FiOS network, Verizon is out to give subscribers a kinda sorta new way to watch television, and, of course, to cash in on the time-shifting craze while the window of opportunity is still open. The presumed selling point of its Home Media DVR is its ability to function as a "multiroom streaming media solution" that enables "up to three simultaneous viewings" of recorded material (whether or not this tidbit is worth $19.95 per month is debatable). Of course, the media can only be streamed to other "Verizon-approved" receivers -- whatever they may be -- and it's not yet clear if your Verizon cellphone will be one of those treasured devices. While we can imagine the list of restrictions on this streaming gig are quite lengthy, the company has stated that it will support "DVR-to-PC connectivity," thus enabling DVR viewing on a networked PC, though there's no mention of supporting wirelessly connected computers a la Slingbox. Apparently the DVR system will utilize a run-of-the-mill Motorola QIP6416 (dual HD-tuners and a 160GB hard drive) as the "hub" and a Motorola QIP2500 (basic STB that can receive content from the hub), both of which will communicate via MoCA (Multimedia over Coax Alliance) technology. While this rigamarole creates more questions than it answers, we're glad to see progress towards a centralized content viewing / streaming solution, but getting cable companies and the almighty content providers to warm up to the idea of slinging material around on a home network (and beyond?) probably won't be easy.

[Via Ars Technica]