EA's launch lineup

Alisha Karabinus
A. Karabinus|08.24.06

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EA's launch lineup
Before we break out the goods, let's just clarify: these are launch window titles. Meaning they'll come out within the first few months of the Wii's release. They may or may not be taking up shelf space on launch day. That said, Electronic Arts is supporting the Wii launch window with six titles, including a few offerings from wildly popular franchises like Madden and Tiger Woods PGA Tour. These titles were already announced for the Wii, but EA confirmed all six for the launch window at in Leipzig.

The full list:

  • Godfather
  • Harry Potter
  • Madden NFL 2007
  • Need For Speed: Carbon
  • SSX 5
  • Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2007
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