Logitech's ChillStream controller cools hot hands

Darren Murph
D. Murph|08.23.06

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Logitech's ChillStream controller cools hot hands
If pulling all-nighters watching your frag count go sky high gets you all hot and bothered, Logitech is looking to put your hyperhidrosis on ice. The ChillStream, Logitech's latest offering in the PC gamepad market, looks awfully like the S Controller for the original Xbox, which probably isn't a bad thing (if you dig that style). While completely predictable in (most) every design aspect, the gamepad sports an "unparalleled" four-point precision D-pad that somehow makes those delicate strafe movements even more undetectable. But all that's water under the bridge, as the real fuss here comes from the trio of air vents on each side, carefully positioned to channel "3.41 cubic feet of air per minute" onto some of your more sweat-prone areas (hands! hands!). Apparently Logitech has bought up the exclusive rights to the AirFlow technology -- previously owned by the same folks who built an intercooler for your overheating Xbox 360 -- and could possibly bring the technology to the PS3 when it launches -- but don't expect to see fan-cooled controllers from anyone else for a long while yet. So if unduly slippage is seriously hindering your game, you can keep those trigger fingers arid for $39.99 this September.

[Via CrunchGear]
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