Peripherals Gone Wild, caught on video

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Via Robert Summa, posting wonderboy of Joystiq, we bring you this video of the latest 360 peripherals in action. You'll get to see all your favorites, including the wireless racing wheel, Vision camera, wireless headset, and the HD-DVD drive. The bulk of the video covers the soon-to-be-released Vision camera. The camera will bring all sorts of features to the 360, including personal gamer pics and video chat (in 30 FPS no less). And good news for parents -- and players who don't want to be subjected to random dongs -- parental controls are allowed that let you decide whether or not the little ones are allowed to use video chat or even see personal gamer pics at all. The wheel looks like a really nice peripheral for racing fans and the headset looks like everything you would expect. And the HD-DVD drive ... well, the HD-DVD drive looks bigger than my complete hardbound edition of Lord of the Rings.

[Via Joystiq]
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