Two new D-Snaps and D-Docks from Panasonic

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Two new D-Snaps and D-Docks from Panasonic
Panasonic doesn't seem to think the world can ever have too many D-Snap DAPs or D-Docks to hold them with. Their new D-Snap Audio SV-SD800N and SV-SD400 hold to this theory quite nicely, featuring few surprises and a mere 128MB of bundled SD memory apiece. The most notable feature here is the noise canceling headphones included with the SV-SD800N, but otherwise the FM tuners, OLED displays, SDHC support and complete lack of internal memory aren't really enough to get anybody's blood pumping. Luckily, Panny makes up for all their crimes by releasing the players in all sorts of shiny colors and for inflated prices: 20,000 Yen ($173 US) and 16,000 Yen ($138 US). And of course, once you've paid too much for your svelte little D-Snap, you might as well spring for a D-Dock to show it off. The new SX850 should do the trick nicely, with a built-in 160 or 80GB HDD, SD card slot and built-in Gracenote database. There's also an Ethernet port for streaming online tunes, but the 80,000 Yen ($692 US) and 65,000 Yen ($562 US) pricetags are fairly ridiculous. Finally, Panasonic's SH-FX550 wireless audio playerbrings Bluetooth tunes to your D-Dock, with an included PC USB dongle and an extended battery for toting the unit around and jamming to your tunage or cell calls for hours on end. The device should go for around $173. Keep reading for more pics.

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