Denon DN-HD2500 Adds Internal Hard Drive to Digital Turntable

Hey Mr. DJ, we thought you said we had a deal? You scratch our back and we'll scratch your USB flash drive connected to our turntable, right? Not unlike rival Numark, Denon is now sporting a digital turntable, the DN-HD2500. It's got support for additional USB peripherals, such as a flash drive, iPod, or external hard drive. It's got dueling CD spinners, your usual faders, and what appears to a slick little screen in the middle of the whole setup for song queuing and beatmatching. But the best feature on the new Denon device is that in order to supply that screen with your favorite tunes, the turntable packs an internal 2.5-inch hard drive. No word on the price yet, but if Denon wants to win this DJ contest, it'll have to spin lower than $799.