Orange UK loses out on F600 (HTC Star Trek)

Chris Ziegler
C. Ziegler|08.26.06

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Orange UK loses out on F600 (HTC Star Trek)
We can only imagine hearts across the UK are breaking this evening on news that HTC's clamshell Smartphone, the Star Trek, won't be finding its way to Orange's British network as the F600 after all. You might recall that MoDaCo had scooped a handful of HTC launches on Orange several weeks ago, and they've since learned that the F600 is destined for Orange in the Netherlands, but as of right now, no UK launch appears to be planned. Of course, resourceful Brits should have no trouble whatsoever getting hold of one of the Star Trek's other brand variants, but there's always something about a canceled HTC launch that leaves us with a sick feeling in our stomachs nonetheless.

[Via CoolSmartPhone]
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