PAX: Gabe and Tycho ascend the Q&A altar

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PAX: Gabe and Tycho ascend the Q&A altar

The first Penny Arcade panel kicked off last night with ... an onstage proposal. Yeah, that old chestnut. It's alright, who doesn't love the heartfelt union of two of our peers on stage? Cynical, jaded, lonely jerks, that's who!

So we didn't like that part, but then the evening's ringmasters took the stage to dive into their promised, and much ballyhooed, announcement ... which was, of course, leaked some hours earlier. Regardless, they announce their project, dubbed Penny Arcade Adventures: On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness, to some degree of surprise, before beginning a long, often confusing, funny, and surprisingly intimate Q&A.

Like the comic whose brand we've all assembled under, the questions run the gamut from the console fanboy Coke or Pepsi questions (they're going Wii60 by the way), the comic fanboy questions regarding Fruit Fucker Prime's unique feature set (he can only launch 100 out of 10,000 fruit fuckers, "it's a design flaw"), the lexiconnoisseur fanboy questions about what one would call those words, you know the ones, that sound the same in different languages but have different meanings (it's okay, Tycho didn't know it either), and just how much of an asshole Jack Thompson really is (a serious one).

Seeing two regular looking dudes ("hey, they don't look like Gabe and Tycho!") field questions from throngs of loyal fans of a video gaming webcomic is a strange sort of experience; possibly a sign of video games increasing cultural potency, or of the End Times. Jury's still out on that one.

She said, "YES!"
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