Sprint's mobile TV service to be called VUE?

Chris Ziegler
C. Ziegler|08.29.06

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Sprint's mobile TV service to be called VUE?
Last time we checked in on Sprint's SPH-M250 DMB phone from Samsung, we met the swiveling clamshell head-on with a fair dose of skepticism that it'd ever see the light of day in these parts. Our bad; rumor has it that a handful of Sprint customers are now receiving invitations to participate in a market trial for the service, which is now apparently named "VUE." As a refresher, the M250 holds its own as a decent flip phone, packing a microSD slot, Bluetooth, voice recognition, and of course, that rare-in-the-States swiveling display. We're still not sure we entirely understand which multicast tech is being used on the M250 -- DMB, TDtv, or some proprietary concoction -- but if this invite is legit, we don't really care what tech they're using, as long as we can get our mobile TV on post haste.

[Via SprintUsers, thanks Jaime]
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