Printing error prompts UK recall of Xbox Reservoir Dogs

When a game gets pulled from shelves nowadays, "printing error" is not the reason that generally comes to mind. Incessant glitches, political furor, or abysmal sales (either by the title or its supported console) are the usual suspects when a game disappears, temporarily or otherwise, but this time Eidos recalled copies of Reservoir Dogs for the Xbox due to a supposed printing error.

As hypothesizes, the problem stems from an 18 certificate logo not being printed on the Xbox disc. While the rating is still (presumably) present on the game's case, impressionable children who overlook the box's visible rating will not be deterred warned by the disc itself. Eidos has yet to confirm why it has recalled the game, nor has it said when the game will go back on sale.

Reservoir Dogs was released this Tuesday in Europe. It is expected to be release in the U.S. late October. The game was recently banned (by way of classification refusal) in Australia.