Tenchu is a bad ninja

Nikki Inderlied
N. Inderlied|08.30.06

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Tenchu is a bad ninja

We all already know that ninjas are better than pirates. They are crafty, skilled, live by honor, have a dojo and hide in trees. How could some sea-dwelling, loud-mouthed pirate ever beat that? It couldn't. End of discussion.

Recently, ninjas were very disappointed by one of their own. Tenchu: Dark Secret just didn't quite represent.

In fact, it did such a horrible job of holding up the ninja honor that IGN only scored it a 3.5. Ouch Tenchu, ouch.

We didn't quite understand what went wrong. The PlayStation version rocked and now we have this awkward DS version with dodgy controls, crap graphics and mute-worthy sound.

Looks like the score for Tenchu: Dark Secret is now:

Pirates: 1
Ninjas: 0

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