Mom rejects donated iPod, proceeding with lawsuit

Remember that 14-year-old girl who is suing her friend over a missing iPod? An anonymous kind soul took it upon herself to buy Shannon Derrik a new iPod Nano, a pink case and a $50 iTunes gift card -- but Melanie McCarthy, Derrik's mother, who filed the lawsuit on her daughter's behalf, is refusing the gift and is going ahead with the case. A package was dropped off for Shannon Derrik, the victim of this terrible, terrible situation, at the offices of The Naperville Sun, a suburban Chicago newspaper that has been closely following the case. The newspaper also reported that both Derrik, and Stephanie Eick, the girl who was entrusted with Derrik's iPod, were invited to appear on the Judge Mathis show, which is taped in Chicago. The respective families had initially accepted the offer, but then McCarthy came to her senses and realized that she'd be ridiculed publicly for putting her daughter through such absurdity.

[Thanks, Ricardo G.]