Philips drops another cordless Skype phone

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Paul Miller
September 1st, 2006
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Philips drops another cordless Skype phone
While it's not quite as exciting as those computer-free and base station-free WiFi Skype phones that have been cropping up of late, Philips' new VoIP841 phone at least can do its thing without a computer -- and does it in style. The new phone bests its VoIP321 predecessor with a color screen and a whole lot more sexy. Of course, we expect this phone to trump the former on price as well, so you'll have to ask yourself if those pretty little notification icons are really worth the extra green. All you need to make calls with the VoIP841 is a broadband connection to hook the base into, after that the DECT protocol takes over and you can roam your house in freedom, with cute little Skype graphics to keep you company. The phone should be available for the 2006 holiday season.
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