PSP GPS and cam get Japanese prices / release dates

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Conrad Quilty-Harper
August 31st, 2006
PSP GPS and cam get Japanese prices / release dates
Sony Japan has unveiled the launch dates, prices, and specifications of the official PSP GPS and camera peripherals. The camera, which will be available in Japan on November 2 at a recommended retail price of ¥5,000 (approx. $43 US), is a 1.3 Megapixel affair capable of shooting both stills and 30fps video in conjunction with a built-in microphone. The GPS receiver will be available just over a month after the camera on December 7, and will be priced at ¥6,000 (approx. $51 US). Although the camera will be bundled with software that will let you add effects to photos after they are taken, the GPS receiver doesn't come with any mapping software -- the (semi) good news is that carrying cases will be included with the two devices. Both peripherals will work with a handful of different PSP games, although it's not clear exactly how at present. If the official shots of the devices don't whet your appetite, you better book your plane tickets to Japan, because Sony will be showing them off at the Tokyo Games Show on September 22.
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