Japanese hardware sales, 21 August - 27 August: dear diary edition

Ludwig Kietzmann
L. Kietzmann|09.01.06

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Japanese hardware sales, 21 August - 27 August: dear diary edition
1 September, 2006

Dear Diary,

Today Joystiq posted the Japanese hardware sales charts and, oh em gee, it was so crazy. My Nintendo was at the very top and the only other thing that had a green arrow was that big Xbox. Totally weird. I can't wait to show my friend Allan the numbers. He has one, but he only got it because of that game where the girls punch each other in bikinis. He's such a pervert, but I'm glad he's been hanging out with me every day since last week. We've been listening to Ayumi Hamasaki non-stop, I'm surprised he hasn't complained.

I have to feed the hamster.

Oh, and here's the ranking, according to number of units that have totally been sold:

- DS Lite: 163,274 88,779 (119.17%)
- PSP: 29,945 11,590 (27.90%)
- PS2: 21,829 5,004 (18.65%)
- GBA SP: 2,719 1,104 (28.88%)
- Game Boy Micro: 1,819 447 (19.73%)
- Xbox 360: 1,197 296 (19.83%)
- Gamecube: 837 85 (9.22%)
- DS Phat: 410 302 (42.42%)
- GBA: 14 6 (30.00%)
- Xbox: 12 5 (71.43%)

[Source: Media Create]

Previous diary entries follow in the second part of the post.

31 August, 2006

Dear Diary,

Sometimes, I like it when Allan's this quiet. He looks so peaceful sitting in the corner of my room, without moving and without playing those silly pranks. It's good to have a friend that won't ever just leave you. He smells funny, though.

I read on Joystiq that there's a pink PSP coming out. It's like they read my mind! It's not because there haven't been any games I'm interested in or anything like that. I just refuse to play games on a machine that's not pretty. I would never have played Brain Training if it wasn't for the Pink Nintendo.

Reminder: Joystiq posting sales numbers tomorrow!

27 August, 2006

Dear Diary,

My Nintendog is so stupid. I keep telling him to sit down but he just won't listen. Even my Aibo was more obedient before I accidentally trampled him in a furious session of DDR (MAXX Unlimited on Heavy). I'm just going to let him starve and become a little pile of bones. It's not like he's real or anything.

It looks like Allan just nodded (he's still visiting!) so I guess he agrees.

25 August, 2006

Dear Diary,

I was so mad today. I came home from school and I saw Allan playing with my Nintendo. You know what he did? He erased my Final Fantasy III save! I had 99 elixirs and level 42 characters! So I took my old Nintendo (the phat one) and beat him to death with it. I'm just going to let him slump in the corner of my room until I'm done with the game.

I have to feed the hamster.

24 August, 2006

Dear Diary,

What a day! I stood in a line for 6 hours to get Final Fantasy III for the DS. My friend Allan came with me, but I noticed that almost all of the people in my class came to get a copy. I saw Ayumi somewhere behind me in the line. I think she has a PSP and she's probably just copying me (again!). Anyway, I'm going to play the game now. I hope it's good!
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