Last Week in Warcraft: August 21st - 27th

Elizabeth Harper
E. Harper|09.01.06

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Last Week in Warcraft: August 21st - 27th

Patch 1.12

Patch 1.12 goes live!

The Burning Crusade
Will we see BC before 2007? (And am I the only hopeless optimist here?)
The Burning Crusade alpha test - already in progress?
The Burning Crusade leaks begin, with possible information on paladin, mage, warlock, and rogue talents.
Interesting rumored rogue talent trees.

Breakfast Topics & Discussion

What do you think the best player grouping for the expansions arena PvP matches will be?
With 1.12 due to be released this week, what are you looking forward to in the patch?
What other games do you play when the servers are down?
What do you think of patch 1.12?
Was there one piece of loot that always eluded you?

Don't expect arena PvP to be a spectator sport.
Cross-realm battlegrounds are a hit!

A comic contest honorable mention.
Win a piece of custom character art.
Another comic contest honorable mention.

Blizzard News

Two new US realms opened.
Get ready - Blizzard is planning yearly expansions for us.
The new official forums are now live! Check 'em out!

The Week's Maintenance

Extended Tuesday maintenance for US realms.
Further extended maintenance for US realms.
Downtime compensation for several US realms.
The usual patch day excitement.
Missing characters on several US realms.
Extended European maintenance.
Wednesday maintenance on several US realms.

In this week's GuildWatch: raiding is serious stuff.
Death & Taxes take out the Four Horsemen in a world first!

Raids & Dungeons
Raiders respond to the announced change to dungeon caps.

Tips & Tricks
Essential addons for the discerning level 60.
A guide to frustration-free instances.

Other Items of Interest

In Moviewatch, we have bubble hearth.
Roleplaying Azeroth as a living world - are you up to the challenge?
Phat Loot Phriday presents - the Amberseal Keeper.
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