Downgrading gets an easy upgrade

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Andrew Yoon
September 3rd, 2006
Downgrading gets an easy upgrade

A lot of you seem confused about the whole 2.71 downgrading process. Thankfully, Xtrusion has made a super-simple way for the less technically inclined to downgrade their PSPs. Simply visit his website, and get the "Full" installer for 2.71 PSPs. Once again, make sure you don't have a TA-82 PSP or this will not work. Also, remember that there is always the chance of bricking your system, so please USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. REMINDER: If you successfully downgrade your system, you'll have to follow some steps to get homebrew running on your handheld.
Truth be told, if this is still too difficult for you to understand, I highly recommend not jumping into homebrew. You can seriously mess up your system if you don't know what you're doing, so please: make sure you're mindful of what you're doing. Bricking a PSP won't be too much fun. If you can stomach these fairly simple instructions, then kudos to you: have fun!

(P.S. Thanks to all the people that have left helpful comments over the past few days! Your help is much appreciated!)

[Via PSP Hacks]
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