Acer throws down 13 new Merom-based laptops

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Acer throws down 13 new Merom-based laptops
Acer isn't really messing around with their rollout of Core 2 Duo laptops. They've got 13 new ones, including six TravelMates and seven Aspires, and they've even managed to get Blu-ray or HD DVD drives into a few of them. The headliner of the bunch is the new TravelMate 8210, which runs the full range of Core 2 Duo chips, boasts of the Windows x64 OS, and tops it all off with a Blu-ray drive. You can upgrade the RAM to a max 4GB to really get the use out of the 64-bit Windows, and there are plenty of other perks like 802.11a/b/g WiFi, ATI Mobility Radeon X1600 graphics with 256MB of VRAM, a built-in 1.3 megapixel camera, and even an option for a Bluetooth VoIP phone. As for the rest of the TravelMates, it's just model number soup, with the 14-inch 3270 and 3290; 15.4-inch 8210, 4230 and 4280; and the 17-inch 5620 all rocking the Merom. The Aspires include three HD DVD capable laptops in their midst, the 9120, 9520 and 9810. The bottom of the barrel is the 14.1-inch 5590, followed by the 15.4-inch 5630, 5680 and 9120. Finally there's the 17-inch 9420 and 9520, along with a 20.1-inch monstrosity, the 9810. As generous as Acer is with laptop releases, they're a bit stingy on prices and release dates, but we expect to be seeing most of these laptops -- at least the ones that don't get stuck waiting around for a blue laser -- before long.

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