Apple pays woman to "de-Pod" her product

In a move that will be seen as gracious by some, extortionist by others, Apple has offered to pay a New Jersey woman an undisclosed sum to rebrand a laptop bag she sells so that it no longer includes the word "pod" -- but not before reminding her in a letter that she was in potential violation of the closely-guarded iPod trademark. Until recently, Medford Lakes resident Terry Wilson had been selling her protective case under the name "TightPod," which as we all learned from the ugly little Profit Pod incident, is dangerously diluting the brand significance of Apple's cash cow. Unlike the electronic Profit Pod, however -- which Apple referred to as "a small, flat, round corned rectangular device with a display screen" -- we can't see all that many people confusing a furry computer case with the world's most recognizable audio player. Still, you gotta do what you gotta do to proactively protect your brand, we suppose, so we're just waiting by the mailbox to receive a big fat check that will allow us to begin the long, painful process of rebirthing the Engadget Podcast as the Engadget Zencast.