No POD for you: Apple keeps close tabs on brand name

Sure, we're as sensitive to brand rights issues as the next guy, but it seems like Apple might be going a bit too far on this one. Apparently a small company named Mach 5 is stepping on their toes with a new "Profit Pod" device that can track arcade machines for money put in and tickets spat out, and then wirelessly transmit the information to a PDA or notebook computer. It sounds like a boon for arcade owners, who won't have to manually inspect each machine, but Apple seems to think differently. "We believe there is confusing similarity between Apple's IPOD mark and the PROFIT POD mark," says a recent letter from Apple legal to Mach 5. They go on to say: "we must ask that Mach 5 Products immediately abandon the pending application for PROFIT POD, agree to cease all use of the PROFIT POD." Apple seems to think the word "Pod," plus the similar functionality of transmitting data to a computer, use with video games, and the fact that, in their words, "the PROFIT POD product is a small, flat, round corned rectangular device with a display screen," (see picture above), make the Profit Pod a threat to that nifty brand name of theirs.`We wouldn't call it an iPod killer per se, but maybe these Mach 5 folks are on to something.

[Via Techdirt]