Think Secret's skinny for Apple's September 12th event

Apple rumor mongering is at a fevered pitch with Apple's media event now just days away. Venerable rumor site Think Secret is citing sources calling for that 23-inch, Core 2 Duo iMac we heard about to drop along side 2nd generation iPod nanos. The new nanos, originally expected by TS in August, will be shoved out the door sporting new, multi-colored metalic cases presumably along the line of the now defunct iPod mini. But that's not enough for you is it fanboy? So TS is also calling for the launch of the highly anticipated iTunesMovieStore as well as capacity upgrades for the 5G iPod to store the new flix. No surprise on the bump in disk what with Toshiba already announcing their 40 and 80GB disks and all. Sorry folks, but that touch-screen video iPod just ain't gonna happen next week, according to TS that is.