Today's Apple rumor: home video streaming device on the 12th

Ryan Block
R. Block|09.04.06

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Today's Apple rumor: home video streaming device on the 12th
Ok, so in addition the new iMacs Steve is expected to announce on the event-that-may-or-may-not-happen on September 12th, and the updated Nano, the official announcement of movies on iTMS, we can also expect to see a standalone dedicated movie streaming device running an "updated version" of iTunes (not Front Row). Speculated to be a new movie-enhanced version of the Airport Express (or some like device). Kind of reminds us of the iHome rumor, or the Apple HDTVs rumor, but this one somehow seems a little more subtle and plausible. We've doubted their entrance into unexpected types of consumer electronics before (see: Hi-Fi), so who knows, maybe you'll watch iTunes-downloaded movies on your video iPod (or iPod with video) as well as your TV, and without the need for a Mac mini cum media PC we've all been pining after, too.
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