California State Assembly mandates WiFi warnings

Cyrus Farivar
C. Farivar|09.05.06

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California State Assembly mandates WiFi warnings
Just in case you didn't already know how to "secure" (ish) your home WiFi network, the California State Assembly is making sure that you do. Assuming the Governator signs Assembly Bill 2415, starting October 1, 2007, your new neighborhood-friendly WiFi router sold in California will have to come with a security warning, a sticker, or "other protection" to alert consumers to the ultra-scary problem of "piggybacking." As the bill puts it, piggybacking, is "becoming a serious issue for people who reside in densely populated areas." Funny, because we always thought that free access was the best part about the democratization of WiFi, and most definitely not a "serious issue" -- but leave it to the California State Assembly to spoil our fun.

[Via Reuters, thanks, David]
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