Ricoh nails Quanta and Asustek for patent infringement

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Ricoh nails Quanta and Asustek for patent infringement
Looks like Ricoh is the latest firm with the need to flex its legal muscles a bit, in this case getting litigious with Quanta Storage and Asustek over four of its supposedly-violated patents relating to CD-RW and DVD+RW technologies. The legal proceedings were recently filed at a US District Court in Wisconsin, although Quanta and Asustek both apparently refused to make an assessment of the case -- saying they hadn't yet received notification of the lawsuit (ever hear of FedEx, Ricoh?) -- and have also refused to negotiate at all before the case reaches court. For its part, Ricoh is looking for royalties dating back to 2004, when it stopped producing optical disc drives altogether. But don't worry, Q and A, you can at least take some consolation in the fact that you're in pretty good company when it comes to alleged patent infringement.

[Via TG Daily]
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