Korean Air bans Dell laptops, Apple PowerBooks and iBooks

Cyrus Farivar
C. Farivar|09.06.06

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Korean Air bans Dell laptops, Apple PowerBooks and iBooks
So it would seem that Korean Air has forbidden all Dell laptops and Apple's PowerBook and iBook models from its flights due to the risk that those computers' batteries might explode, reports The Korea Times. The newspaper also reported that Australian airline Qantas made a similar ban last month for the same reasons. Naturally, the longer it takes Sony, the batteries' manufacturer, to sort through this exploding battery fiasco, the harder and harder its going to be to get your Dell or Apple on a plane, but we know the pressure's on. Sony has already faced the wrath of the Japanese Ministry of Trade, and the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, and apparently the US Federal Aviation Administration is also looking into the problem as well. Damn, it's hard out there for Sony -- maybe it'd do well to quell everyone's fears by giving out some free PS3s for awhile, whattayasay?

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