Have your cake and eat it too -- Cake Mania for the DS

Nikki Inderlied
N. Inderlied|09.08.06

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Have your cake and eat it too -- Cake Mania for the DS

Originally an online treasure, Cake Mania tells the tale of Jill, a recent graduate from culinary school, who returns home to find her grandparents bakery closed thanks to the new neighborhood Wal-Mart Mega-Mart. Jill, in order to save the family business, must bake up a storm of cakes and manage the store to keep customers coming.

The DS version will feature the same cake baking madness along with an expansion titled Back to the Bakery. Cake Mania is scheduled to release in 2007 and sounds like it could start a new craze of bringing popular online games to the DS.

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