Last Week in Warcraft: Aug 28th - Sept 3rd

Elizabeth Harper
E. Harper|09.08.06

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Last Week in Warcraft: Aug 28th - Sept 3rd

The Burning Crusade
Rumor site Caverns of Time has some interesting rumors on possible expansion talent trees as well as numerous screenshots to help ease your curiosity.
Rumor no longer - we have official talent information for six classes.
The female Draenei dance animation has been leaked to YouTube.
There won't be an open beta for the Burning Crusade - so if you haven't gotten in already, you're out of luck.
The previously announced Burning Crusade abilities have been updated.
Pets in the expansion - yes, I suppose Mike did tell us so.
Tactical mastery in the expansion - it's been moved once, and it's probably not going to move again.
Leaked BC alpha test video.

Breakfast Topics & discussion
Do you have any pieces of embarrassingly old gear -- or at least any pieces you're willing to confess to having?
So which boss do you think would walk out of the Thunderdome?
Have you had a chance to plan out your expansion build yet?
What, in your opinion, is the creepiest WoW moment?
What do you think is the game's most unstable server?

Some much-awaited detail on how the upcoming battlegrounds matching system will work.
Cross-realm battlegrounds have arrived, leaving us with queue-free PvP fun. But there used to be so much you could get done between battlegrounds queues...

A winner has been announced in our own character art contest.
More comic contest winners.

Maintenance & realm status
If you don't play in Australia yourself, you might not be aware of the plight of Australian players.
European players are disgruntled by continued unreliable service.

This week's GuildWatch brings us that dose of drama we look forward to every week.
Death & Taxes takes down Sapphiron for another world first.
Death & Taxes scares off Kal'Thuzad.

Other items of interest
The iPod-wielding terror suspect speaks out - on the WoW forums.
WoW at PAX.
Insignia of the horde, tattooed.
The perils of WoW-nnui.
No more random MRGRGLs for you -- someone has actually taken the time to write a Murloc translator.
WoW and the impossible romance.
Phat Loot Phriday presents the Lei of the Lifegiver.
The making of Illidan.

Last week's Last Week in Warcraft.
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