Softtrends' LivePVR gives new meaning to "voice recording"

Chris Ziegler
C. Ziegler|09.10.06

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Softtrends' LivePVR gives new meaning to "voice recording"
Our paranoid side tells us this app has "lawsuit" written all over it, but we're excited nonetheless. LivePVR, as its name suggests, acts as something of a PVR for voice; in its "meeting notes" mode, for example, it keeps a rolling buffer while recording, allowing the user to permanently save clips leading up to the moment. The more legally questionable "phone call" mode can be set up to automatically record every conversation or just the next call placed. A final "voice recorder" mode acts as a more traditional voice note app, with no limit to a note's maximum size. The whole package scoots out the door for $10 in Windows Mobile or S60 flavors.

[Via Smartphone Thoughts]
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