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Samsung considering legal action against X820 video

We're not quite sure what to make of this one. A video kicking around the so-called Internet lately (see picture) depicts a rather cheery woman fatally wounding a SGH-X820, and apparently Samsung has taken offense. They're claiming the phone was probably pre-damaged to make the phone seem unusually easy to destroy, but let's face it -- the phone's 6.9 millimeters don't afford a ton of protection against this kind of abuse. At any rate, Sammy's "conducting a probe" to hunt down the video's origin and is suggesting that a little courtroom action might be in order. The frightening lesson here, folks, is that if you want to break your phone, don't do it on camera.

Update: The Korea Times is reporting that Motorola created the video but may have never intended for it to enter the public domain, citing YouTube's statement that the video's copyright belongs to Moto and has pulled the video as a result. It seems unlikely to us that Motorola would put together a video like this for internal use, particularly if the phone was pre-damaged as Samsung is suggesting -- but who knows? We love a good conspiracy theory as much as the next guy.