Miglia TVBook Pro, records live DTV

Cyrus Farivar
C. Farivar|09.11.06

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Miglia TVBook Pro, records live DTV
When you're not pounding away on your computer, you probably like to chill out in front of your TV. Now you can veg out on your MacBook Pro with Miglia Technology's new TVBook Pro, which was announced today. This portable digital TV receiver (it handles DVB-T) fits nicely into your ExpressCard slot (with an included amplified antenna that plugs into your USB port) and also includes Elgato's EyeTV software, which will let you watch and record your favorite shows direct to your Mac. But American TV fans, start emailing Maglia now, because for now there's no word on when we'll get it stateside, but our lucky European cousins will get the TVBook Pro will retail for €149 this October. That aside, Maglia seems to also have included time travel equipment inside this little device. As the press release says: "Reinvent your TV experience by pausing, rewinding or even skipping forward live TV, ensuring you never miss any part of what you are watching." Yes, we understand that the company means you can fast forward stuff you've already recorded, but that's not how it's written. Unless they mean to say that they've torn the flux capacitor out of Doc Brown's DeLorean, in which case Miglia needs to call us right away to explain how it works.
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