Why does Resistance take over 20GB? Glad you asked...

Nick Doerr
N. Doerr|09.11.06

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Why does Resistance take over 20GB? Glad you asked...
Ted Price from Insomniac has humored himself by reading the theories everyone has offered as to why the upcoming PS3 title Resistance: Fall of Man will take well over 20GB. Now, he's tired of that and wishes to tell us why. We'll just toss up the whole quote so no word can be twisted on our behalf.

Ted Price explains: "Consider that even with compression, each of our 'levels' (or loaded areas) has more than 300 megs of unique data. And keep in mind that we're also streaming data during level playthroughs. It doesn't take too much level data before you've gone past what can be stored on a dual-layer DVD. And between single player and multiplayer we have a lot of level data (over 40 different large loaded areas) – yes, more than will fit on a dual layer DVD."

Also mentioned is the fact that all game movies are in more than one format, multiple full language tracks, and a fist full of extras. That clears that up, sort of. Kind of. Mostly. Should they have focused the storage space more for AI and less on extras, different movie formats, etc? If you could arrange the game's focus in terms of memory space and features, would you have done it any differently?
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