Disaster: Day of Crisis Interview

Nikki Inderlied
N. Inderlied|09.12.06

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Disaster: Day of Crisis Interview

IGN recently interviewed Monolith Soft's president, Hirohide Sugiura about their Wii game Disaster: Day of Crisis. Sugiura had little to nothing to tell about the game and kept requesting IGN to wait for more information, be patient or ask Nintendo themselves. Hmm...

Honestly the game sounds a bit like that movie that came out in 2004. The US is in danger of a lot of natural disasters and instead of watching people die or survive them, we play as someone trying to survive. Sounds interesting but we still don't know a lot about the game and all we are getting is:

  • "Please wait for detailed information about Disaster to be disclosed in the future"
  • "Please ask Nintendo for the timing when it can be revealed"

Call us mean but we are fanboys and girls and we demand satisfaction! Plus anything that has to do with the Wii we have to know. Especially if it means running from tidal waves and racing cars to avoid liquid hot magma.

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