iPod gets $5 game downloads via iTunes

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iPod gets $5 game downloads via iTunes

Another Stevenote is going on right next door at Engadget, and while the Apple faithful furiously click their F5 keys, we're busy soaking up the news that Apple is introducing game downloads for their ubiquitous iPod. What kind of games? We imagine a smattering of spin the top games, roulette games, merry-go-round simulators, and churn the butter historical-themed educational games, all taking maximum advantage of the iPods unique input mechanics. Turns out, none of those games are coming to the iPod (but if you want to brainstorm ideas, Steve, give us a call); instead, we'll see casual classics like Bejeweled, Cubis 2, Mahjong, Mini-Golf, Pac-Man, Tetris, Texas Hold 'Em, Vortex, and Zuma.

You may recognize some of those names from Microsoft's Xbox Live Arcade service, which also has Bejeweled, Pac-Man, Texas Hold 'Em, and Zuma. It looks like Apple isn't taking the Zune's potential Xbox Live Anywhere functionality sitting down. Will these games also be playable on your Mac or PC through iTunes? How often will games be released? Are there any original iPod games in the works? We've got a million and one questions.

[Update 1: Added in links to Apple's iPod games site which states, "iPod games work with fifth-generation iPod only." So no Mac or PC playback ... yet.]

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