1up Mario Hoops review -- did Mario serve an airball?

Nikki Inderlied
N. Inderlied|09.13.06

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1up Mario Hoops review -- did Mario serve an airball?

Mario Hoops 3 on 3 has had so much hype that we were ready for a game full of more fun than a circus. But from the sound of it, all we got were peanuts.

Having played the game ourselves, we see where the review is coming from and we are 100% catching what they are throwing -- something Mario and his pals seem to fail at.

The review basically states that the controls are good in theory, but iffy on paper. Stealing is difficult and passing is okay, when it works. Your teammates are pretty much useless. They never try to steal or use items to help you out. They are especially difficult to work with against perfect AI on harder levels.

Good luck on unlocking all your favorite Final Fantasy characters. The levels are difficult and your opponents ruthless. While it sounds like a challenge, it lacks an important element -- fun. Mario Hoops 3 on 3 received a 6 out of 10 -- a passable grade and rightful score for an average sports title.

Check out the rest of the review to see what else 1up found wrong with the game. Or, pipe up and let us know that we and everyone else is completely wrong (we know you like doing that anyway) and Mario Hoops is zomg teh best game evah kthxbye!

[Thanks to everyone who sent this in!]

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