More deets on O2's Xda Stealth

Chris Ziegler
C. Ziegler|09.13.06

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More deets on O2's Xda Stealth
Perhaps we failed to adequately emphasize one key feature of the Gigabyte-sourced Xda Stealth when we outed its FCC filing yesterday: its diminutive size. At 110 x 53 x 22.5mm, it bests the HTC Wizard in all but length (where it clocks in just 2 millimeters longer), putting it nearly in dumbphone territory. Granted, the Stealth lacks a full keyboard, but everything's put into better perspective when remembering that it manages to stuff Pocket PC Phone Edition power (and specs to match) into a package on par with some Smartphones on the market. Though there's no 3G radio aboard the handset, we take solace in its 802.11g support; in fact, the only thing raining on our parade is the triband GSM support, which leaves parts of the world unhappy pretty much any way you slice it -- let this be a lesson to Gigabyte that they've got some American sales waiting in the wings as soon as they want to tack GSM 850 onto this thing.

Update: MTekk reports that the Stealth will be finding its way to Australia post haste, officially launching before the end of the month for around $940 Australian ($707 US).
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