Epson announces PowerLite Cinema 810 projectors

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Epson announces PowerLite Cinema 810 projectors
Epson has busted out a new projector for those looking to get a little 720p action in their home theater, with a beefed-up model also available for some added processing power. The PowerLite Cinema 810 takes advantage of Epson's 3LCD technology, with a 10,000:1 contrast ratio and ample 1,600 ANSI lumens brightness. The PowerLite Cinema 810 HQV comes loaded with the same specs, but adds in a Silicon Optix HQV (Hollywood Quality Video) processor, which Epson says contains processing technology "generally available only to broadcast and post-production professionals," supposedly giving you a much improved image (oh, how many times we've heard that!). Whether it's worth twice the price or not you'll have to decide for yourself, with the standard model coming in at $2,999 and the high-end HQV unit setting you back a cool six grand. Both will be available sometime next month.

[Via About Projectors]
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