Panasonic's first 1080p LCD projector, the PT-AE1000

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Panasonic's first 1080p LCD projector, the PT-AE1000
Christmas has come early at CEDIA this year, and even Panasonic is joining the fray with their first 1080p LCD projector, the PT-AE1000. The unit is based on Epson's new 0.7-inch D6 LCD chips, the same thing powering Mitsubishi's new HC5000 unit, and while we don't have an exact price, it doesn't seem like $4k would be a far wrong guess. As for the rest of the specs, the AE1000 has 1100 lumens of brightness, a 2x zoom and lens shift ability. Unfortunately, Christmas hasn't come early for reals, and we'll still have to wait until November for this thing to start shipping.

[Via AboutProjectors]
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