First iPod 80GB unboxing photos

Ok, you've seen the unboxing of the new black iPod Nano, and of its colorful brethren, but all of us really want to see the new ultra-sexy 80GB model. Of course, from where we're sitting, this little black beast's brightness is starting to rival that of a solar flare -- iLounge's photos definitely show a brightness differential between the new and the old iPod video. We haven't heard if this big ol' iPod isn't having the same set of issues that the nano has been having when connected to Windows machines, though that may emerge later on. This first round of photos also shows that the search function does indeed work as big Steve showed us on Tuesday. We do wonder though how we're going to use those alphanumerics for our songs by, say, ? and the Mysterians, or !!! ("chick-chick-chick") on that scrolling search tool. Click ahead for another shot lavish photograph of our new favorite full-size iPod.

[Thanks, ben]