Business jets to get 3G access in the air

Cyrus Farivar
C. Farivar|09.19.06

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Business jets to get 3G access in the air
If you're a jet-setting highfalutin business executive, you probably can't afford to live even a few precious hours on your private jet without being connected to the outside world. Executives, fear no longer, because 3Way Networks and Triagnosys have partnered together to build the first 3G communications network that can be installed on any private plane. Contained within a four kilogram (under nine pounds) low power box connects to a satellite signal that communicates with a terrestrial base station. 3Way Networks says that the box will allow 10 simultaneous voice calls and offer HSDPA rates of up to 3.6 MB/sec. No word on if it's actually been field tested by 10 suits who've been strung out on caffeine for days and are on the final leg of a trans-Pacific flight back to New York -- we figure that by that point, they might be actually coming to blows over bandwidth.

[Via The Register]
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