Canon to auction 10 diamond-clad Digital ELPHs for the Red Cross

If you thought Minox's gold-plated DC1011 added some much needed bling to your life, Canon's celebratory IXUS cameras exemplify unnecessary luxury by sporting 380 diamonds apiece, and a hefty pricetag to prove it. As the Digital ELPH moniker turns 10 years old, Canon is auctioning up a diamond-crusted IXUS 65 (better known as the SD630 here in the States) per year of the brand's success, and all proceeds are being channeled to the Red Cross. Antwerp-based Eddie Elzas -- owner of the world's largest collection of colored diamonds -- happily provided the elegant coating found on the €40,000 ($50,788) "diamond IXUS," and also had a hand in hooking up nine "his and her" models, which will be sold through an undisclosed venue for €3,500 ($4,493.95) each. If you're feeling mighty charitable, and haven't already purchased your one fifty grand diamond-clad item for the year, feel free to place your wager on eBay -- otherwise, you should probably keep your sights on the less glamorous versions.

[Via Far East Gizmos]