Minox DC1011, now gold-plated for the casino set

Somewhere, we imagine that there has to be a warehouse (or at least a small storeroom) full ofgildedinventory, guarded by a very sad man wondering where his business model went wrong. Still, that hasn't stopped low-end Chinese equipment outfitter Minox, which is hoping that its new DC1011 24 carat plated camera, iced out with ten 2mm 0.03 carat diamonds along the lens, will be a hit with the absurdly rich (and grossly uninformed) crowd. This 10 megapixel camera has a 2.4-inch screen and a 10.4x digital zoom and also come in mere mortal colors, flavors, and prices, although we don't know what the price is on either model. But we can already feel the folks clamoring for a gold-plated SD card, because ordinary SD cards would just clash with this Midasian exterior.

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Read - Minox DC1011